iOS App Review Subscription Metadata Rejection

I hope this saves someone from unnecessary rounds of App Store Review rejections. I needed three rounds to satisfy this new requirement. I think their language is, as observed previously, a little too unspecific, when they have a very clear idea of what they actually want to see in the app.

We noticed that your Application Content and Metadata did not fully meet the terms and conditions for auto-renewing subscriptions, as specified in Schedule 2, Section 3.8(b).

  • links to the privacy policy and terms of use

Naturally, that information was available inside the app for years already, since I started selling subscriptions, behind a “i” button in the navbar. It also had label directing users to tap the “i” for more information on the subscriptions. That didn’t fly.

What App Review actually wants is one-tap links or buttons labelled “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of use” or comparable.

Another new requirement: State the actual current price of the subscriptions in the app description. This appears to work around the broken list of in-app items in the App Store. Many apps list multiple prices for the same thing there.