Davinci Resolve 14

You can be this guy.

I previously praised Blackmagic Design for their ability to democratize video production on the hardware end, enabling live broadcast production at a cutthroat price.

Now they’re promising to do the same on the software side. They somehow shoehorned a full NLE into their acquisition, Davinci Resolve, a color editing suite. And they managed to somehow merge the recent acquisition, Fairlight Audio into Davinci Resolve as well, in just six months.

So, after that little love letter of a press announcement from NAB, they now have a fully featured video NLE, a non-music DAW, and color correction suite. Cross-platform on Mac, Windows, and Linux (!), with the light, yet very useful version being free (as in beer), and the full Studio version at $299, down from $999, matching FCP X’s pricing.

Now granted, this is still in beta, and Blackmagic doesn’t have the very best track record of shipping super stable products all the time, every time. But this just might be the missing link between the non-existing open source NLE and Audacity at the bottom free end, and the Mac-bound FCP X, and the subscription-ridden Premiere Pro. There even is a fair(light) chance that the DAW part could be a good fit for audio podcasting use.

They also announced collaboration features, a free server that can simply run on a workstation, and visual diffing of versioned timelines.

Mind. Blown.

Try the beta!