Single-Use Podcast Feeds

I don’t run a regular podcast on this site, but from time to time I certainly want to post audio clips with a nice player and a good mobile and offline experience. WordPress for podcasting is broken beyond repair. Save a kitten, don’t podcast on WordPress. So I’ll need something external (for now).

Let’s assume that for video, there is YouTube. And for audio, there’s SoundCloud, right? Let’s also say that I don’t want to list all those audio clips on SoundCloud. I want to keep control of my audience on this site. I’ll maybe post a link on Twitter, and direct them to this site.

SoundCloud allows you to embed audio clips set to private, but breaks them on mobile. Opening such a private link in the iOS app forwards you to the user page of the uploader, which in my case will be blank, because all clips are set to private, and only embedded on the blog.

So SoundCloud still is embedded the post to get the big and familiar player, but in addition I’ll need to post links to a direct MP3 download to help people add the audio to Huffduffer or, and in addition a post-specific podcast feed. It only contains this one item, and will never be updated, but acts as a universal API into just about every podcast app out there to add this one episode for good offline usage of the audio clip.

This single-use podcast feed is hand-written, <itunes:block> and <itunes:complete> are set to “yes” to keep most sane bots from indexing it, and it still works with Apple’s Podcast app on iOS and very likely most others.

Here’s a post with the SoundCloud player and manually set audio and feed links.

Somebody probably should write a WordPress plugin to automate that.