Thunderbolt / SATA-SSD Adapters


I use a Blackmagic Hyperdeck to record ProRes video to SATA SSDs and was looking for Thunderbolt adapters to ingest the files into FCPX.

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The obvious choice is the Blackmagic Multidock, which comes with 4 SATA II slots at 3GBit/s and one Thunderbolt 1 port. It’s around $500 and delivers a combined read/write rate of up to 10Gbit (out of theoretically available 12Gbit) on all ports simultaneously. Not bad at all, but my guess is that a Thunderbolt 2 / SATA III version with 20Gbit (out of 24) should be just around the corner, possibly at NAB in April.

Update 2014-03-19: It’s available now in a Thunderbolt 2 version!

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Another choice is the Seagate GoFlex series of products. But I wish everyone good luck finding out specs and availability for the multitude of different models, in 3.5″, 2.5″ with and without included hard drives. I gave up.

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The third candidate is the LaCie eSATA Hub with two eSATA II ports and two Thunderbolt 1 ports to daisy-chain it. Again, I’d love to see an updated version of this with (e)SATA III and/or Thunderbolt 2. This wouldn’t profit as much from Thunderbolt 2 as the Multidock, but it could squeeze out 2 extra Gbit/s at the top end. At under $200, this would have been my first choice, if I wasn’t waiting for a new Multidock and I wouldn’t have discovered the Delock adapter.

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The only readily available adapter I could find that has a SATA III port is the Delock 61971, a sorry little generic aluminium box. One drawback besides looks and mechanical stability: despite the minute size it requires an external 12V power adapter. On Mac OS, it just works. Windows users get a Mini CD with a driver. Data transfer rates on an Sandisk Extreme and an Intel 335 SSD are way under their respective data sheet specs, but close enough to 3GBit/s. It’s currently priced at about $100.

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Update: New version with closed case now on /

The device appears on the Thunderbolt bus:


  Vendor Name:	Delock
  Device Name:	61971
  Vendor ID:	0x52
  Device ID:	0x6
  Device Revision:	0x1
  UID:	0x000000000
  Route String:	3
  Firmware Version:	7,2
  Port (Upstream):
  Status:	Device connected
  Link Status:	0x2
  Port Micro Firmware Version:	2.0.7
  Cable Firmware Version:	0.1.24

and an SSD connected to it will appear under the Thunderbolt AHCI Controller

Thunderbolt AHCI Controller:

  Vendor:	Thunderbolt
  Product:	AHCI Controller
  Link Speed:	6 Gigabit
  Negotiated Link Speed:	6 Gigabit
  Physical Interconnect:	SATA
  Description:	AHCI Version 1.20 Supported


  Capacity:	240,06 GB (240.057.409.536 bytes)
  Model:	INTEL SSDSC2CT240A4                     
  Revision:	335t    
  Serial Number:	###  
  Native Command Queuing:	Yes
  Queue Depth:	32
  Removable Media:	Yes
  Detachable Drive:	No
  BSD Name:	disk1
  Medium Type:	Solid State
  TRIM Support:	No
  Partition Map Type:	GPT (GUID Partition Table)
  S.M.A.R.T. status:	Verified

Performance in FCPX looks promising as well: With ProRes 422 720p50 footage on the external SSD, rendering and transcoding a 3 hour program to ProRes 422 720p25 to the internal SSD on a current MacBook Pro takes just under 20 minutes.