Small YouTube Embeds on iPad

When embedding YouTube videos with the iframe method, YouTube appears to set the maximum dimensions of the served video file based on the initial iframe size. This means that a video that has small initial iframe dimensions will not scale up to glorious Retina resolution even when sending the player into full screen mode.

Try one of these three small players on iPad, then fullscreen them:

Possible workarounds:

  • Use the old Flash embed, which should trigger the older Safari plugin
  • Instruct the user to tap the title of the iframe to go to the YouTube (web)app
  • Roll your own (js) player that will start up the iframe at a more suitable size

These all suck. So it’s up to YouTube and Apple to do something about it. Hah. Did I miss a better way?

Mehr Pipes!

Und der DHL Geschäftskundensupport dann so zu meiner CSV-Datei, die so in der DHL-Dokumentation steht und vom Importer mit “Fehler -1” abgelehnt wurde:

Sehr geehrte(r) Frau/Herr, ich korrigierte und fügte Ihre Datei bei. Ein paar Änderungen waren mit der Datei: Die Nummer der Felder waren manchmal wenig. Einige Pipes mussten noch zugegeben werden. Wenn Sie wieder etwas Fehlermeldung bekommen, schicken Sie uns die falsche Datei. Dann werden wir Ihre Datei gern korrigieren.

Und in Anhang war nochmal die Dokumentation mit den falschen Beispielen. Stand: 2009.

Curious App Review Times

For the last couple of years, iOS App Review has left you waiting for a couple of days, then checked your app superficially, and then approved or rejected it.

In the last couple of days however, #iosreviewtime has been all over the place, with numerous people reporting unusual 0 to 2 days of waiting time.

Also, @dschneller never saw App Review launch his app during review.

On my apps, I almost always saw the reviewer at least testing the in app purchase. On the last review, they only launched the app and disappeared after three seconds on the server logs. Looks like Apple is optimizing something, for better or worse.