iPhones on the Métro

I did a very unscientific study in Paris while riding the subway.

On about 15 trips with about 30 different subway cars, I sampled smartphone usage on the natives.

I found that

  1. Paris is 1984. Everyone has either an iPhone, or at least an iPod nano plus a candybar dumb phone. Out of, lets say 100 people I saw handling their smartphone, one or two had a BlackBerry or Android phone. The rest were iPhones. It’s really bizarre.
  2. Out of these iPhones, about 90% were iPhone 4 and 4S. Very few 3G(S), and only two iPhone 5.

Compare this to Germany: you’ll find a mix of all kinds of smartphones on the subway. The only people with 8" ridicuphones in Paris are Asian and German tourists. Also caught a few iPad photo takers.

But about that love for white earbuds and sandboxed apps: Why? Old love for the Mac? Sense of style and appreciation for design?

Why only the 4(S)? The "free/cheap" model? Silly baguette-shaped cases? The 5 seems to have a far greater adoption rate in Germany.

tl;dr: Localize your app in French.