Here’s another way of appeasing the App Store Review Gods: Money!

App-easing, get it?

Buying into the Made for i-Licensing program gives you a nice little badge on your product, and gives you a special sauce App Store link when the user plugs in the device or first pairs it to Bluetooth. Also, access to the serial port on the dock connector.

But it also appears to give you access to private APIs. The newer version of the Withings Wifi Scale companion app shows the name of the active wifi network and then transmits the wifi password over Bluetooth to the device.

This makes setup a little less awkward than on the older version of the scale, which required a USB connection to a companion Mac app. On the other hand, this also “wastes” the Bluetooth component for a one time operation, making the scale more expensive than really necessary.

Apple of course is free to do whatever they want with their App Store, but granting extra permissions to paying hardware partners leaves a bad aftertaste for software-only developers who also might have a legitimate need for special API access, but no Made for i-license. And we’re back to the trusted developer discussion.